About Us

sandesh TV is the cable-based neighbourhood channel that caters to the infotainment needs of the people of the Western part of Twin Cities and its rich suburbs spread over three districts of Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Medak. A group of professional with vast experience in the Satelite television have come forward

to use their expertise in creating a cable/broadband based channel that helps the common viewer. Bringing the fruits of Information Technology to every household, Sandesh TV succeded in creating a channel of the people and for the people. While satelite channels consider only the general trends and aim at pleasing people from all regions, Sandesh TV keeps in mind the aspirations of the local people. Thus we think globally and act locally.

Sandesh TV believes that the entertainment needs of the local people are met properly when they are made part of it. This is made possible with this channel and the people started owning it. Apart from entertaining the people, Sandesh TV aims at keeping its viewers well informed on the latest developments in their locality, strives to solve the civic problems and continous to be a reliable friend of the people. The new office situated in the prime locality of Kukatpally is well equipped with the state of the art technology.

The well trained staff work under the guidance of an advisory panel consisting of senior media people, social workers and stalwarts in different fileds.

our philosophy is to entertain and inform people.


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